Samuel Epstein

Good Clean Food

Did you know that American milk and meat are banned in Europe because of the health risks they pose? Or that one in three items on supermarket shelves contains genetically modified ingredients? How about that forty pesticides in use today have been linked to certain types of cancer?Between GMOs, hormones, and pesticides, it sometimes feels like our food has become so artificial that shopping smart is impossible. How can we know for sure that the food we buy isn’t putting us at risk? If you’ve got questions, this practical, positive guide has answers. In it, leading public health advocate Samuel Epstein, MD, and coauthor Beth Leibson provide all of the information you need to make the best food choices for you and your family—in language you don’t need a PhD in biology to understand. You’ll learn how to choose wisely when shopping for:? Beef? Chicken? Milk and dairy? Eggs? Soy? Corn? Snack foods? Potatoes? Lettuce? Strawberries? Grapes? Baby food? And much moreBefore your next trip to the supermarket, make sure you read this helpful handbook—and you’ll be on your way to a lifetime of good clean food.
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