Lewis Carroll

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass

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Obviously I saw the movie with my kids and probably when I was a child (even though I can't really remember) but through my reading I forgot there was a movie related to this book mostly because as any movie "it's nothing like the book..."
I love Alice, she is my heroine and I love her so much, she remainds me of me actually but also of my daughter. She likes to argue, she is kind and respectful, she is tolerant and patient (when she has too), she demands for what she wants, she is polite, she is humble enough to admit she isn't always right, she has a problem keeping her temper especially when something doesn't happened the way she wanted, she respect her superior but she demands respect as well, she most have a great imagination to be able to create such an complex dream in such a little naps, she loves cats!!!, she wants to grown whenever is convenient to her but she wants to stay her age, she fought to be a Queen because she thought she could be one is she worked hard enough...
I think this isn't just a children's book, is also an adult's book. Is really hard for me to describe why I find this book so fascinating... it has fantasy but it also has a great dosis of reality, it has a girl as a main character but somethings she behaves like an adult. The characters of the story are crazy but they're complex too. It just reminded me of my childhood, my self.
Obviously is a 5 stars book.

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