Tina Thorson

Breathe It Out

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We all have great reasons for avoiding big decisions:

“I'm too old!”

“I've got too many commitments at work!”

“I can't do that – I don't have the education!”

“My spouse will NEVER go for that.”

And what do these great excuses have in common? They are all based in FEAR. No matter what you tell yourself, no matter how you justify your decision to sit on the sidelines – you are being controlled by fear. It's time to stop that, and stop it NOW.

In “Breathe It Out: Conquering The Nine Fears That Are Holding You Back,” author Tina Thorson guides you through a series of action steps to help you identify the root cause of your excuse, conquer it, and live the life you've always wanted. You'll learn how to evaluate your progress, how to determine when you need to change course, and most importantly, how to be at peace with your decisions.

You've got one life. Don't let fear live it for you. It's time to BREATHE IT OUT.
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