A Joosr Guide to The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

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Today's fast-paced lifestyle keeps us from living in the moment. But when you are present with your thoughts and feelings, you'll not only become happier, you'll transform your life.

The Power of Now explains how our problems begin in the mind. It is very easy to live with past regrets or anxiety about the future. Eckhart Tolle shows how the past, future and negative emotions are all illusions. Instead of using illusions to define yourself or your life, The Power of Now shows how living in the present increases your happiness, and helps you live the kind of life you really want.

You will learn:

· Why negative thoughts or situations are not a part of your identity

· How to discover your true identity by living in the moment

· How you can start to live in the present, instead of getting caught up in the past or future.
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    How to use the Power of Now to silence mental chaos

    It is possible to use the Power of Now to silence the mind. The mind tends to keep flitting continuously from thought to thought. To stop this incessant activity, you should focus all your attention on the present moment. Consciously pull your thoughts away from their flitting pattern and bring them back to the present moment. This may seem to be impossible at first. Your mind will tend to wander the moment your attention wavers, but when you notice this happening you should simply disengage your mind again and bring it back to the now. With practice you will find that you can do this for longer and longer periods of time.

    It is possible to do this as you are going about your daily activities, too. Simply bring all your focus onto the work you are engaged in at the moment. Experience the activity through all of your senses. For example, if you are having your lunch, experience how the food feels in your mouth, experience the textures, savor the different intermingled tastes, be aware of the colors of the food. There are many ways in which you can truly sense, enjoy, and experience something even as simple as a piece of fruit or a drink.

    As you continue to practice this, you will begin to appreciate that when you become fully aware of your current activity and fully experience it, your thoughts are no longer taking center stage. You have now effectively disengaged your mind. In fact, you can sit back and look at your thoughts as an impartial observer, just like you can experience hot or cold or sweet or sour for a few moments and then enjoy an entirely different taste.
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    Understanding this gives us the clarity of mind to see that our misfortunes, negative thoughts, and bad situations are all illusions created and supported by our own mind
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    We all exhibit duality in our personality—the self that we show to the world is very different from our inner self.

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