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Stephen Fleming

Whittling for Beginners Handbook

“Whittling for me is more than just an art. It is like meditation and rather therapeutical. Every single time you create something, it brings you the delight and also the happiness that meets your mind and soul”.

This is the reply I got from an old practitioner when I asked him how do you interpret Whittling. Then I realized the core idea behind this craft. It comes with no deadline, no pre-written script, no rules, and just pure expression of your emotions through a knife and a piece of wood.

In the present times, when all the self-help gurus are talking about Digital Detox, Whittling comes as a strong contender to pass on to the young and the old alike.

My Journey in Whittling

My wife introduced me to the world of Whittling 5 years ago. As I was already into Leathercraft and Pyrography, I got the basics quickly. But reaching the intermediate level in any art requires practice and patience. It has been an incredible journey for the last few years, working alongside her on various Whittling projects.

About the Book

This book is like a friend sharing his experiences and taking you from point A to B in your Whittling journey. The examples and references are real and taken out of the conversations with various experienced Whittlers.

The book covers:

Introduction: History of Whittling, how it started and became part of popular culture.

Wood: All about the type of wood, grains, and tips for starting.

Tools: All about pocket and carving knives

Techniques: All type of cuts

Safety: Gloves, Thumb pads, duct tape, and other innovative options.

Starter projects with photos and step by step instructions

Frequently asked questions: 22 beginner questions as answered by experts: Multiple solutions to a single problem

List of online resources for patterns

I have included realistic photographs, discussions, tips, FAQs, which I have received along the way of my journey in Whittling over the years.

Still on the fence?

Okay, let me explain to you the difference between Wood Carving and Whittling?

Whittling is like an unplanned vacation (go with the flow), and Wood Craving is like planning a vacation through a tour operator!

And lastly my favorite analogy:

When I was struggling to understand the concept of wood grain initially, one old-time whittler told me, «Think of the grain-like petting a cat. When you pet it head to tail, the fur all lies down, and the cat purrs. If you try to go from tail to head, it spikes up, and the cat gets very angry. Keep the cat happy.»

So what are you waiting for, get the book now and start your Whittling Journey!
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Stephen Fleming
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