Jonathan Ames

Wake Up, Sir!

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A brilliant contemporary reimagining of the greatest comic relationship of all time, which goes far beyond pastiche to places even Wodehouse couldn't.
Alan Blair, the hero of Wake Up, Sir!, is a young, loony writer with numerous problems of the mental, emotional, sexual, spiritual, and physical variety. He's very good at problems. But luckily for Alan, he has a personal valet named Jeeves, who does his best to sort things out for his troubled master. And Alan does find trouble wherever he goes. He embarks on a perilous and bizarre road journey, his destination being an artists colony in Saratoga Springs. There Alan encounters a gorgeous femme fatale who is in possession of the most spectacular nose in the history of noses. Such a nose can only lead to a wild disaster for someone like Alan, and Jeeves tries to help him, but… Well, read the book and find out!
'Too funny for the canon of high literature, the book is too brilliant to be mere diversionary humour' New York Press
Jonathan Ames's latest comic novel is so brilliant and charming that any description of it is bound to be impossibly dull by comparison
Seattle Weekly
'A Wodehouse novel for the recovery era' The New York Times Book Review

'What do you get when you cross Carry On, Jeeves with Portnoy's Complaint? . .. Jonathan Ames's very funny new novel, Wake Up, Sir!' Newsday
'The X-rated Woody Allen'Guardian 'Ames is a remarkable comic writer. He excels at punching out hilarious monologues on subjects ranging from nose fetishes to the planks of Buddhism' Time Out New York
Cause for celebration… As Jeeves himself might prompt Ames, 'Carry on, sir!' Washington Post
Pungent and hilarious, if completely off the deep end' Kirkus Reviews
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