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Bitcoin Express

Know How Does Bitcoin Work and How to Use It like Money

You probably have seen it discussed in the news or around the internet. Heck, you may even have heard your techie friend babbling about at one point when you couldn't care less…until now, with a changed heart and reconsidered mind.

We're talking about the next big thing — bitcoin.

As you may or may not realize, the next revolution is upon us (if not already here) in how we will forever conduct monetary trade with the already large quantity of transactions done electronically every day and still on the rise where basically our money can be considered digitalized. And with that, arises bitcoin.

Are your still scratching your head…what is bitcoin? How does bitcoin work? In order to understand bitcoin, you have to understand the difference between currency and money.

Currency is a tangible form of money. In other words, money is intrinsic while currency is extrinsic. For example, paper can represent money; coins can represent money. In this case, currency equals those paper and coins as mediums of exchange. Currency has had an ever-evolving long history: from bartering with commodities like grains and livestock, to trading with stones and coins, and to using paper dollar bill money as we know of today.

The problem with the dollar bill or paper money is that the government can easily print more of this paper that represents money, and has been doing so…thus causing inflation with your paper money to worth less than it actually is. Contrast to gold, the government can't create gold like they do with printed money. The value is based on scarcity. There is only a limited supply of gold out there, maintaining its value; while paper dollar bill can always be printed, decreasing its value.

Bitcoin can be viewed as the digital version of gold because there is only a limited amount of it out there, and it's protected from inflation; nobody can come in and make more of it. Plus, the convenience of bitcoin is you don't have to carry it and worry about where you place it or if it gets lost like if it were physical money in your wallet or purse, but you can use it without actually needing anything on you because it's 100% virtual.

Do you now see the beauty and power of bitcoin?

By taking the «Bitcoin Express," your destination includes:

— How to get started and set up everything up from bitcoin wallet to vault step-by-step with plenty of charts and images.

— How to even make money from bitcoin like early adopters who strunk it rich before the opportunity is gone.

— How to use bitcoin practically within your everyday life as an alternative to not carrying physical money on you.

— How to buy bitcoin and protect yourself from fraud and scam as well as avoid unwarranted unsuspecting fees.

— How to work with the science and system of bitcoin mining to get the most out of your money exchange.

Also, personalized hands-on exercises and applications to put everything into action on how to get bitcoin.

…and much more.

What we went through in the early 90s regarding the internet that eventually became standard among every part of our daily lives, is the same thing as what is happening now with bitcoin.

Throughout history, it's always the early adopters who have an advantage over others to make it big. The bitcoin is still a wide-open territory. Now it's the time for you to jump on the bandwagon to get a piece of the pie before it departs…leaving you behind.
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