Margaret James

The Silver Locket

Amidst the chaos of World War I, a nurse and wounded soldier find love in this historical romance from the author of The Wedding Diary.
On the eve of the First World War, young Rose Courtenay is torn between marrying the man her parents chose for her or following her heart and joining the war effort. Ultimately the chance to escape her parents’ desires proves irresistible, and Rose journeys to France to become a nurse.
Far from home, she meets a dark figure from her past. Lieutenant Alex Denham is the last man in the world she’d get involved with—especially now that he’s married. But in wartime nothing is as it seems. Alex’s marriage is a sham and Rose is the only woman he’s ever wanted. But while his gift of a silver locket may be a declaration of love, Rose isn’t sure she can trust him with her heart.
Moving from rural Dorset to war-torn London and the horrors of the Western Front, The Silver Locket is a compelling story of the enduring power of love, and courage in all its forms.
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