Eunice Moyle,Sabrina Moyle,Shana Faust

Handmade Weddings

In this delightful book, the founders of Hello!Lucky join forces with a renowned wedding stylist to bring you over fifty gorgeous DIY projects.
Handcrafted details are at the heart of a beautiful wedding adding charm, meaning, and style.
Whether you favor a modern, classic look or a retro, homespun flavor, in Handmade Weddings you’ll find plenty of crafts and inspiration suited to your taste—from vintage key save-the-dates to delicate paper wreaths to silhouette bride and groom signs.
At the front of the book you’ll find guidance on choosing a look, sourcing materials, and working out timelines. Then, each of the fifty projects are fully explained with photos, how-to diagrams, and step-by-step directions.
Clever, creative, and budget-friendly, Handmade Weddings is the perfect handbook for the bride looking to style her day her way.
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