Marcia Morgan

Should I Change My Name

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A Guide on How to Pick a Married Last Name

Getting married? The number of decisions you have to make for the wedding, let alone decisions that will impact the rest of your life, can feel overwhelming. Taking on a life-long partner may also mean a new, life-long name. Changing the name, you've had since birth, is a big decision. Whether in same-sex or heterosexual nuptials, names play an important role and can impact children, career, identity, and ultimately, your happiness. "Should I Change my Name?" walks you through how to choose a last name that's right for you and your future spouse.

Author Marcia Morgan examines the six most common married name options including separate, merged, linked, and newly-created names, and reveals the benefits and challenges of each. She weaves in personal stories from men and women who embraced their married name choices and those who had regrets. The firsthand accounts illuminate how gender roles, religion, or family of origin can deeply influence name preferences for you and your spouse-to-be. Morgan shines a light on the intriguing history of how married names were based on oppressive laws and reveals the meaning behind today's naming traditions. She takes you on a journey around the globe to look at naming practices in other countries and cultures. The book simplifies an otherwise overwhelming decision process so you and your partner can say a hearty “I Do” to the married name you choose.

Best-selling author Marcia K. Morgan, Ph.D., brings a wealth of experience from over 40 years as a sociologist, researcher, trainer, and national expert on gender issues. Marcia and her husband live in Bend, Oregon.
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