Tanya Huff

Gate of Darkness, Circle of Light

“Contemporary urban fantasy at its best” from the author of the Peacekeeper Trilogy (Locus).
First published in 1989 and taking place in downtown Toronto, one of the earliest of the modern urban fantasies, Gate of Darkness, Circle of Light is the story of a fight against encroaching darkness by a developmentally handicapped young woman, a street musician with no idea of his potential, a bag-lady who’s tired of picking up the pieces, and an adept of the light. Mixing actual Toronto ghost-stories with traditional Faire, a police procedural, and a cat, Gate of Darkness, Circle of Light opened a gate at street level to the urban fantasy that followed
“In a departure from the ‘strict’ fantasy of Child of the Grove and The Last Wizard, Huff’s real-world fantasy presents an enlightened, compassionate view of the forgotten heroes of urban society. Highly recommended.” —Library Journal
“Enjoyable . . . A tale of magic existing in the modern world.” —Fantasy Café
“A tale with sweep and scope, interesting characters, and some impressively nasty menaces.” —Booklist
“Huff’s sense of fun as she plays with the traditional elements should please even the most jaded of readers.” —Charles de Lint
“Very much in the same tradition as Lackey’s SERRAted Edge novels and fans of those should also enjoy this.” —Rambles
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