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Candice Hill

The Naughty Book for Girls

Life's way to short to fret about waistlines, ex-lovers or whether you've got the latest 'it' handbag. It's time for a return to old-fashioned glamour, to start enjoying life at full-throttle and have men falling at your feet. The Naughty Book for Girls shows you how to achieve all this, including: Lessons from vintage naughty girls such as Marilyn Monroe; Tips and tricks for seduction and how to wear fashion for passion; How to turn an innocent supper dish into a potent aphrodisiac meal; Seductive burlesque moves; A quiz to discover which type of naughty girl you are; Answers to questions you never dared ask – like 'what exactly is a Hollywood wax?'. The Naughty Book for Girls gives every woman the chance to become that enviable woman who knows all the gossip, gets all the men, and lives her life to the full!
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Michael O'Mara Books
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Michael O'Mara
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    “I think of lingerie as a super-hero costume to wear under your clothes.”
    Joe Corre,
    owner of Agent Provocateur
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    intellectual temptresses take off their glasses and let their hair down when they stop working.
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    reintroduced glamour to the kitchen

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