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Girl, Wash Your Face – Summarized for Busy People: Stop Believing the Lies About Who You Are So You Can Become Who You Were Meant to Be: Based on the Book by Rachel Hollis

This book summary and analysis was created for individuals who want to extract the essential contents and are too busy to go through the full version. This book is not intended to replace the original book. Instead, we highly encourage you to buy the full version.

As CEO of her own media company and founder of TheChicSite.com, Rachel Hollis has built a vast online network by offering a guide for better living in her lifestyle website, while boldly exposing the disarray in her personal life. In her new book, Girl, Wash Your Face, she reveals the twenty lies that have been holding us back from living our best lives.

Rachel Hollis provides a brave and refreshing take on these misconceptions that also once made her feel unworthy and defeated. For each lie, she presents a number of approaches that she used to triumph over it. She uses her fearless humor to remind us of the often-forgotten truth: the only person responsible for your happiness is you.

Rachel Hollis’ Girl, Wash Your Face shows us how we can find strength in ourselves and in each other, how we can face life with unwavering resolve, and how we can become the best version of ourselves—just as what we are meant to be.

Wait no more, take action and get this book now!
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    need you to understand this fact:
  • mvillalvazopцитує3 роки тому
    this “truth” is that each person is ultimately responsible for two things: their own happiness, and the person they turn out to be.
  • alizada_fidanцитує5 років тому
    My daily goal is to become better than I was yesterday.

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