Jack London,Carl Hiaasen,H.L.Mencken,Richard Wright,Pete Hamill,Leonard Pitts,Molly Ivins,Damon Runyon,Dorothy Thompson,Mary McGrory,Mike Barnicle,Mike Ryoko,Murray Kempton,Nicholas Kristof,Pegg,Ruben Salazar,Shirley Povich,Steve Lopez

Deadline Artists—Scandals, Tragedies & Triumphs

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An anthology of newspaper columns from the 19th century to the present—“engaging eyewitness pieces [that] elicit admiration, wonder and gasps of surprise” (Kirkus Reviews).
Deadline Artists: America’s Greatest Newspaper Columns drew together some of the finest examples of America’s greatest unsung literary form: the newspaper column. In this new Deadline Artists collection, some of America’s greatest journalists take on the stories of scandal, tragedy, triumph, and tribute that have defined the spirit of their age.
This is history written in the present tense, offering high drama and enduring wisdom. Walk with Jack London in the aftermath of the San Francisco earthquake or grieve with Walt Whitman over the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Watch as Watergate unfolds, sex scandals explode, the Twin Towers collapse, and winning home runs capture the thrill of a comeback capped with a World Series victory.
Contributors include: Jack London, H.L. Mencken, Dorothy Thompson, Richard Wright, Damon Runyon, Shirley Povich, Murray Kempton, Mike Ryoko, Ruben Salazar, Mary McGrory, Mike Barnicle, Molly Ivins, Pete Hamill, Carl Hiaasen, Nicholas Kristof, Leonard Pitts, Steve Lopez, Peggy Noonan, and Mitch Albom.
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650 паперових сторінок
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ABRAMS Press, ABRAMS, Inc. (Ignition)



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