M.S,DNP,CNS,FNP-BC,NP-C,ANP,FAANP,APN-C,Deborah Kiley,Yvonne D'Arcy

Pain Management in Primary Care

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Covers the entire scope of pain management with evidence-based guidance
Written specifically for APRNs and PAs, this evidence-based text delivers practical guidance on how to assess, treat, and manage patients with pain in the primary care and family practice setting. Written by pain management experts well versed in both pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic therapies, the text encompasses the entire scope of pain management.
Following an overview of the sources and physiology of pain, Pain Management in Primary Care delineates a multidimensional assessment approach and guides readers in developing a patient care plan. With an emphasis on strategies for safe prescribing, an extensive portion of the book addresses regulatory considerations, special populations, and thorough coverage of how to safely prescribe opioids. This includes risk screening, proper management, and identification and treatment of withdrawal. Woven throughout is a focus on the importance of interprofessional communication and collaboration in effective pain management. The text also provides concise, easy-to-reference information about medications, supplements, and non-opioid therapeutics. Abundant case scenarios and clinical pearls help readers apply knowledge to their own practice.
Key Features:
Covers the entire scope of pain management with evidence-based guidance on assessment, treatment, and pain managementEmphasizes strategies for safely prescribing medicationsIncludes detailed information on non-opioid and over-the counter-medications, opioids, and interventional pain management optionsProvides risk-screening tools and tips for proper selection, titration, and tapering of medicationsDescribes how to identify and treat opioid withdrawalIllustrates application of knowledge to practice with case scenarios and clinical pearls
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