Hugh Prather

Spiritual Notes to Myself

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This follow-up to Notes to Myself touches on “gossip, money, marriage, parenting, prayer, and dying with thoughtfulness and humorous practicality” (Library Journal).
As an author, minister, and counselor, Hugh Prather had extensive experience sharing wisdom on worldly (and other-worldly) topics. His book, Notes to Myself, offers a treasury of thoughtful and eye-opening insights and reminders. And this spiritual-themed follow-up book masterfully accomplishes the same goal of guiding readers to greater awareness.
Throughout the book, Prather offers countless tidbits of wisdom. Each line is packed with powerful insight and inspiration that is sure to leave a lasting impact on readers. Though his words are written as “notes-to-self,” Prather’s gaze looks to and reflects on the outside world, and so he draws us all into his thoughts. Through this inner dialogue, we see the world more clearly.
Spiritual growth can be a slow but rewarding process if we devote the time to it. Prather’s words throughout this spiritual book remind us that we are not alone on our journey, and that it is through realizing our oneness with all living things that we find our way.
Check out Hugh Prather’s classic and find . . .A simple, easy-to-read guide for greater spiritual and self-awarenessPowerful words of wisdom on each pageA resource to return to again and again in your spiritual journey
“We all need to converse with the spirit. It is the only true guide we have. Read and then start taking notes.” —Bernie Siegel, MD, #1 New York Times–bestselling author of Love, Medicine and Miracles
“A collection of brief musings, some lovely, others humorous.” —Publishers Weekly
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    Forgiveness doesn't excuse behavior; it looks past it to a greater truth.
    “the way” is so simple that even little children instinctively know it. The secret they feel—the one that is always happily bubbling up within them—is that, actually, we never left that place. We just forgot where we are
    stop searching and simply do it.

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