Terri Balogh

How to be an Artist

The little book that can spark BIG changes in your life!

Gain Creative Confidence and Build a Future of Your Own Design

“Your Art, Your Life, Your Plan”

You're about to learn how to approach the problem of struggling to create your art and make a living as an artist. More than that, you'll receive sound advice on how to handle the times that you wrestle with the very idea of being an artist. 
“Highly recommend to anyone searching for their artistic self.”
Uncertainty is a common theme among creative souls and “How to be an Artist” speaks to the ways creative people hold themselves back from living the life they truly desire. 

“Full of encouragement and grounded in practical advice…”

The artistic path is not always easy, but the rewards of becoming the artist you know you are is worth all of the challenges along the way.
“Based in the real world….This book offers real advice and ideas for people living in the real world, people with jobs, and families to juggle.”

Your life as an artist is within reach…why wait?

Buy your copy of “How to be an Artist” today and take the journey!
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  • Stine Weirsøe Flamantцитує3 роки тому
    For these individuals it becomes important to pull away from the pressure of general society. In order to stay balanced they must allow their creations the freedom to develop on their own, to burble out of their psyche or out of the very process of making the work. This is a very valid and powerful way to create and often leads to extremely unique work, expressions and techniques. To work this way means that you only work to create and it can be more difficult to do this than you may realize. You may become very self-aware of your own mind and all of the ways your psyche likes to distract you. If you have never attempted to create work this way then you should consider trying it at least once. You may find this way of focus very rewarding
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