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Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

What Is Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

The lithium iron phosphate battery, often known as an LFP battery, is a form of lithium-ion battery that uses lithium iron phosphate as the cathode material. The anode of this battery is made up of a graphitic carbon electrode that has a metallic backing. The energy density of an LFP battery is lower than that of other common lithium ion battery types such as Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC) and Nickel Cobalt Aluminum (NCA), and it also has a lower operating voltage; CATL's LFP batteries are currently at 125 watt hours (Wh) per kg, up to possibly 160 Wh/kg with improved packing technology, while BYD's LFP batteries are at 150 Wh/kg, which is compared to over 300 Notably, the energy density of the Panasonic “2170” batteries that will be utilized in the Tesla Model 3 in the year 2020 is around 260 Wh/kg, which is approximately 70 percent of the value of its “pure chemicals.”

How You Will Benefit

(I) Insights, and validations about the following topics:

Chapter 1: Lithium iron phosphate battery

Chapter 2: Lithium-ion battery

Chapter 3: Rechargeable battery

Chapter 4: Lithium polymer battery

Chapter 5: John B. Goodenough

Chapter 6: Lithium iron phosphate

Chapter 7: Electric vehicle battery

Chapter 8: Lithium-titanate battery

Chapter 9: Solid-state battery

Chapter 10: Lithium-air battery

Chapter 11: Sodium-ion battery

Chapter 12: Aluminium-ion battery

Chapter 13: Comparison of commercial battery types

Chapter 14: Research in lithium-ion batteries

Chapter 15: Lithium hybrid organic battery

Chapter 16: Magnesium battery

Chapter 17: Glass battery

Chapter 18: Lithium nickel cobalt aluminium oxides

Chapter 19: Lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxides

Chapter 20: Arumugam Manthiram

Chapter 21: History of the lithium-ion battery

(II) Answering the public top questions about lithium iron phosphate battery.

(III) Real world examples for the usage of lithium iron phosphate battery in many fields.

(IV) 17 appendices to explain, briefly, 266 emerging technologies in each industry to have 360-degree full understanding of lithium iron phosphate battery' technologies.

Who This Book Is For

Professionals, undergraduate and graduate students, enthusiasts, hobbyists, and those who want to go beyond basic knowledge or information for any kind of lithium iron phosphate battery.
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