Michel Syrett,Nick Yapp

The Xenophobe's Guide to the French

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A guide to understanding the French that explores the raison d'etre behind the Gallic façade with humour and style.
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Oval Projects, Xenophobe's Guides



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    Cris Loцитує10 місяців тому
    Their preoccupation with perceptions and conceptions makes the French much harder to govern than the Germans, who have a natural tendency towards acceptance of authority, or the English, who will grumble but do as they’re told.
    Cris Loцитує10 місяців тому
    They worship ideas and those who generate them, even if the ideas are only in vogue for the briefest of periods.
    Cris Loцитує10 місяців тому
    They love to feel that life is fast moving, energetic and stylish.

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