Nathaniel Hawthorne,Mary Hallock Foote

The Complete Novels of Nathaniel Hawthorne (Illustrated)

This carefully crafted ebook: “The Complete Novels of Nathaniel Hawthorne (Illustrated)” is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents.


“It contributes greatly towards a man's moral and intellectual health, to be brought into habits of companionship with individuals unlike himself, who care little for his pursuits, and whose sphere and abilities he must go out of himself to appreciate.” (The Custom House, The Scarlet Letter)

“The aspect of the venerable mansion has always affected me like a human countenance, bearing the traces not merely of outward storm and sunshine, but expressive also, of the long lapse of mortal life, and accompanying vicissitudes that have passed within.” (The House of the Seven Gables)

American novelist and short story writer Nathaniel Hawthorne’s (1804–1864) writing centres on New England, many works featuring moral allegories with a Puritan inspiration. His fiction works are considered to be part of the Romantic movement and, more specifically, Dark romanticism. His themes often centre on the inherent evil and sin of humanity, and his works often have moral messages and deep psychological complexity.


Introduction: Biography of Nathaniel Hawthorne


Fanshawe (1828)

The Scarlet Letter (1850)

The House of the Seven Gables (1851)

The Blithedale Romance (1852)

The Marble Faun (1860)

The Dolliver Romance (1863)

Septimius Felton (1872)

Doctor Grimshawe's Secret (1882)


A Scarlet Stigma – A Play in Four Acts (1899)
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