Betty Combs

40 Most Delicious Desserts In Jars

Yummy & Appetizing Desserts Scooped Out of Jars!

Desserts in jars are very appealing and attractive sights to behold. This attractiveness makes desserts mouth-watering and yummy than desserts served on plates.

Whatever the occasion, desserts in jars can spice up your occasion and end it in a captivating way.

You can have your fruits, cakes, parfaits, puddings and creams in cute, decorative and labeled jars for easy identification and your eating delight.

Jars are the perfect contains for serving stylish, appealing and appetizing dished as they are easily sourced, strong and handy. Also you can give your friends, family and visitors desserts in jars as a gift and takeaway.

Recipes in this book include: Parfaits, Crumbles, Ice Creams, Fudges, Cupcakes, Cheesecakes, Pies, S’mores, Cottas and other nourishing recipes.

Scroll up, click BUY and treat yourself and family to a whole new level of delicious desserts.
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