Nicki Trench

Cute & Easy Crochet

Expert crafter Nicki Trench brings you 35 easy-to-follow crochet patterns that will teach you how to crochet. A crochet teacher and author with over 20 years' experience, Nicki has designed a series of patterns that will guide you through those initial stitches to producing beautiful projects incorporating a wide range of crochet techniques. Crochet Know-how explains all the stitches with clear step-by-step artworks and instructions. Next, discover three chapters packed with patterns to improve your skills. First is Starting Out, where you will find a simple springtime throw and a pretty hat for a toddler — you'll be amazed how easy and quick the projects are to create. Once you've mastered these, move on to something more challenging in the Practice Makes Perfect chapter. There are cute gifts for babies and young children, including baby blocks, bibs and blankets, or treat yourself to a pair of gloves in soft double knit yarn or the chunky seashells scarf to keep you warm on chilly mornings. Finally, Confident Crocheting has more advanced patterns, from a family of adorable Russian dolls to the cherub dress with decorative picot stitching.Nicki Trench is one of the leading figures in the revival and promotion of home crafts. She is the founder of Laughing Hens, the UK's leading online yarn store, and Rooster Yarns. Some of her books include Cute & Easy Crocheted Baby Clothes, A Passion for Quilting and Super Scary Crochet. Visit her website at www.nickitrench.com and blog at nickitrench.blogspot.com.
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    в основном, для начинающих. единственное условие - знание английского. никаких революционных идей, но есть возможность посмотреть приятное сочетание цветов и как это работает с мотивами.

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    👎Не раджу

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