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Founded in 1975 by Otto Penzler, The Mysterious Press is all about mystery, crime, and suspense fiction. Imprint of Grove Atlantic.
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    From an award-winning author, a crime thriller with “some of the sharpest courtroom cut-and-thrust since Presumed Innocent” (Kirkus Reviews).The Maxwell brothers both became lawyers, following in their father’s footsteps. But their father, Lawrence, had his career come to a screeching halt over two decades ago—when he was convicted of killing his wife.Now, faced with evidence of stunning prosecutorial misconduct, a San Francisco judge has ordered a new trial for Lawrence. Soon after, a prison snitch and potential key witness turns up dead, and Lawrence’s son, Leo, finds himself trying to defend his father against murder charges both old and new—and confronting the darkness at the center of his own life, as he struggles to do right by both the law and his blood.From the author of Bear Is Broken, which won the Shamus Award and was a Kirkus Reviews best book of the year, this novel in the Leo Maxwell series is “a sharp-edged legal thriller with the deep emotional undertones of family drama and tragedy” (New York Times–bestselling author Reed Farrel Coleman).“Superlative . . . Smith is masterly in creating realistic courtroom scenes, including the subtleties of witness examination.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review)“The line Maxwell family members walk between innocence and guilt becomes more blurred with every step and turn of the page.” —Library Journal (starred review)
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    A tight, fast, and funny crime novel set amid the Newark riots of 1967. When a load of high octane heroin goes missing in the melee, criminals, cops, do-gooders, and lowlifes scramble to possess it. But the heroin has ideas of its own, leading its pursuers on a very un-merry, increasingly deadly chase.Angelo DiNoto, a ruthless New Jersey crime boss, supplements his ill-gotten gains by importing blindingly pure artisinal smack produced by an old Turkish farmer. A five million dollar shipment disappears, and DiNoto can think of nothing better to do than go on a murderous rampage. Richard Mundi, in whose lap the drugs have landed, is a burned out Manhattan real estate developer who plans to use the unexpected windfall as capital to revive his crumbling business empire. His gorgeous daughter Gloria, in bed – literally – with a band of wannabe revolutionaries, sees the heroin as a way to escape her father's looming presence and impress the woman she truly loves. The Mailman is a longtime postal clerk who has survived the worst that life has to offer —until throat cancer robs him of his voice and the will to live. To him, the drugs are a ticket to a better place. Topping off the cast is Walkaway Kelly, a private eye and Hell's Kitchen barfly who teeters continually on the brink of redemption.Stir in Kelly's lovelorn sidekick, a pair of closeted gay hoodlums who work as DiNoto's enforcers, Mundi's conflicted protégé ( a slab of muscle with a moral conscience, who also serves as Gloria's nanny), and you have an Elmore Leonard-esque cast of characters running rampant in a convincingly wrought historical setting. Gregory Gibson weaves a thrilling, twisty plot in which disparate threads converge in an unforgettable showdown over the Old Turk's Load.
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    She's only alive because he thinks she's already dead… Everyone in the quiet Jersey Shore town of Silver Bay knows the story: on a Sunday evening in September 1991, Ramsey Miller threw a block party, then murdered his beautiful wife and three-year-old daughter and disappeared. But everyone is wrong. Ramsey's daughter survived. Now she's eighteen and sick of hiding from her father. She's going to end this. But can she find him before he finds her?
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    Five cities. Five escorts. Five bullets in five heads.
    Catherine Hamilton was a high-class hooker. Now she is dead. Jack Till, private detective, has linked her murder to a string of other killings: the cities may be different, but the girls all look uncomfortably alike. Now he knows the killer's type, it's a race against time to find the next victim before it's too late…
    Who will the boyfriend seduce next?
  • Thomas Perry
    The Boyfriend
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    Although characters and stories like Sam Spade and The Maltese Falcon are famous the world over, despite the New York Times' description of him as the 'dean of the school of hard-boiled noir', Dashiel Hammett wrote only five full-length novels in his career.
    The Thin Man was the last of these, published in 1934.
    But Hammett wrote two other 'treatments' for investigator Nick Charles and his nemesis Charles Wynant; the 'thin man' of the title. Lost when Hammett retired as a novelist, together those treatments form the continuing story of The Thin Man, which is now being published for the first time.
    Dashiell Hammett died in 1961. His influence inspired writers as diverse as Raymond Chandler and William Burroughs and changed the face of crime writing forever.
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    Six terrifying tales to chill the blood from the unique imagination of Joyce Carol Oates.
    A young boy plays with dolls instead of action figures. But as he grows older, his passion takes on a darker edge…
    A white man shoots dead a black youth creating a media frenzy. But could it have been self-defense as he claims?
    A nervous woman tries to escape her husband. He says he loves her, but she's convinced he wants to kill her…
    These quietly lethal stories reveal the horrors that dwell within us all.
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    'Timothy 'Moth' Turner is a postgrad student and recovering alcoholic. Estranged from his family, Moth's only lifeline is his uncle Ed, a recovered alcoholic and Moth's AA sponsor.
    When Ed doesn't turn up for a meeting, Moth gets worried. And he has every right to be. Ed is found shot dead in his apartment in an apparent suicide.
    Moth can't believe his uncle would take his own life. And soon, after a little bit of digging, Ed is on the trail of a psychopathic killer known only as Student #5. But why would he want to kill Ed? And who is next on his list…
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    I became a spy because my father before me was a spy. Although I am, for the time being, hiding something from you.
    In a rose garden in Buenos Aires, a young American spy meets the beautiful daughter of a famous Argentinian revolutionary. They fall in love. But he is no ordinary spy – and she is no ordinary woman.
    He has a hidden agenda: to avenge his father, who died penniless and friendless on the streets of Washington. And in Luz, he seems to have found an ally. But, as his fate becomes further entwined with hers, he soon finds himself caught in a perilous web of passions, loyalties and lies that stretches back to the darkest days of the Cold War.
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    One day an 11-year-old girl disappears. She was playing with friends from school. The crop is strengthened by her blood…
    Marissa is an innocent girl, with hair the colour of corn-silk. She does not hold others in strange thrall, as some young women do, she obeys her parents, she does not stay late after school, lingering on her walk through the swaying heads of maize. She is the perfect sacrifice…
    In Joyce Carol Oates' nightmarish world, teenaged girls are empowered by ritual killing, plastic surgeons perform bloodcurdling operations and birthdays rip families apart. Compulsively readable, told in razor-sharp prose, The Corn Maiden and Other Nightmares is the brilliant new offspring of one of America's most terrifying imaginations.
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    From one of the most highly regarded writers of her generation, JACK OF SPADES is a psychologically complex thriller that examines the fine line between genius and madness.
    Andrew J. Rush is a successful mystery writer with twenty-eight novels to his name. He has a loving wife, three grown children, and is well-known in his small New Jersey town for his charitable work.
    But Andrew J. Rush is hiding a dark secret. Under the pseudonym Jack of Spades, he has penned another string of novels — dark tales of murder, lust and madness.
    When a court order arrives accusing him of plagarism, Rush fears his secret may be exposed. And unbidden, in the back of his mind, the Jack of Spades starts plotting his survival.
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    A collection of darkly compelling tales from the unique imagination of Joyce Carol Oates.
    A young professor is convinced she's being followed, but when she confronts her shadow all is not as it seems…
    A promising student attempts to save her brother from his descent into madness, but finds there may be more to his world than hers…
    An elderly nun is found dead in her care home, but was it old age or dark secrets that killed her…
    These biting and beautiful stories force us to confront, one by one, the demons within.
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    A story of guilt, murder and politics set in Africa and New York from the acknowledged master of psychological suspense.
    Twenty years ago, Ray Campbell was an idealistic aid worker in Africa. He fell in love there with Martine, a local farmer, who tried to make Ray see that all actions have consequences. But he couldn't, not until it was too late…
    When a friend from his time in Africa is found dead in a New York alley, Ray is forced to return to a past he's spent a lifetime trying to forget…
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    Joyce Carol Oates is one of the most prominent writers of her generation. In EVIL EYE, Oates offers four dark and compelling tales of love gone horribly wrong.
    The young fourth wife of a prominent intellectual thinks herself happy until the first wife comes to stay…
    A shy teenager meets a dazzling kindred spirit. But the first sparks of young love soon take on a darker shade…
    A spoiled frat boy decides to murder his parents, only to be floored by the power of his mother's love…
    A fragile woman reveals deeply buried secrets to her curious lover with devastating consequences…
    All of these stories are about love, just not as we like to think of it.
  • Joyce Carol Oates
    Evil Eye
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    You do not know me, but I know you. I have decided to call you: Red One. Red Two. Red Three. I know each of you is lost in the woods. And just like the little girl in the fairy tale, you have been selected to die…'
    Karen, Sarah and Jordan have nothing in common aside from their hair colour. Red. To the man who has been watching their every move for months, this is enough. Their lives are now in his hands, their stories will only end when he chooses to reveal himself, unless they can find him first…
  • John Katzenbach
    Red 1–2–3
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    Original Swedish crime stories from the masters of Nordic noir including a never before published story by Stieg Larsson.
    Ever since Stieg Larsson shone a light on the brilliance of Swedish crime writing with his bestselling Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, readers have devoured this dark and compelling genre.
    Now the nation's best crimewriters have been brought together to form the first ever anthology of Swedish crime.
    Contributors include:
    — Stieg Larsson, author of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.
    — Henning Mankell, creator of Wallander.
    — Per Wahlöö and Maj Sjöwall, creators of Martin Beck.
    — Eva Gabrielsson, writer and thirty-year partner to Stieg Larsson.
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    How did Sandrine die?
    There was no forced entry. She had been gradually stockpiling prescription drugs. A lethal quantity of Demerol was found in her blood. But did the beautiful, luminous Sandrine Madison really take her own life? The District Attorny doesn't think so. Neither does the local newspaper.
    And so Sandrine's husband must now face a town convinced of his guilt and a daughter whose faith in her father has been shaken to its core. But, as he stands in the dock, Samuel Madison must confront yet more searing questions: Who was Sandrine? Why did she die? And why – how? – is she making him fall in love with her all over again?
    A psychological thriller from a true master, SANDRINE will hold you in its spell until its unexpected end.
  • Thomas Cook
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    An American spy in China. Name: Unknown. Status: Sleeper.
    He's meant to be laying low, polishing his Mandarin and awaiting further instructions from Washington. But Shandhai is a difficult city to sleep in, especially when his nights are taken over by the seductive but enigmatic Mei – a woman with secrets he'd rather not hear.
    Then he is tasked with a delicate operation. Infiltrate the core of the Chinese intelligence service. Distinguish friend from foe. Report to a single contact at HQ. Trust no one. Tell no one.
    Pushed out into the cold, in a city of millions he's suddenly very, very alone.
    But in Shanghai city you're never truly alone. Faceless strangers linger in the shadows, watching your every move. No one is safe from the Guoanbu. Not even a spy with no name…
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    A heart-stopping psychological thriller, perfect for fans of Paula Hawkins and J.P. Delaney.
    Two strangers with one overwhelming link: fear. For him, it's fear of losing his mind. For her, it's the fear is of losing her life…
    Retired professor Adrian Thomas knows all about fear from a lifetime studying human psychology. Now he's been diagnosed with degenerative dementia, all his thoughts are of ending his own life while he still can.
    But before he can put the gun to his head he witnesses a kidnapping: a beautiful teenage girl, snatched off the street and bundled into a white van. Jennifer Riggins was picked up by a twisted couple who run the elite subscription-only website, What Comes Next. Viewers can watch what torture befalls their victims and Jennifer is to become the latest star, Victim Number Four.
    When the police dismiss Adrian as a confused old man, he knows he might be this young girl's only hope and he begins the race to save her. But, with Adrian's grip on reality fading with each day, it's not only Jennifer whose life hangs in the balance…
    What readers are saying about What Comes Next…
    'An experience akin to riding the scariest roller coaster ride'
    'I raced through this book'
  • John Katzenbach
    What Comes Next
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    Daddy Love, aka Reverend Chester Cash, has for years abducted, tortured, and raped young boys. His latest victim is Robbie, now renamed 'Gideon,' and brainwashed into believing that he is Daddy Love's real son. Any time the boy resists or rebels he is met with punishment beyond his wildest nightmares.
    As Robbie grows older he begins to realize that the longer he is locked in the shackles of this demon, the greater chance he'll end up like Daddy Love's other 'sons' who were never heard from again. Somewhere within this tortured boy lies a spark of rebellion . . . and soon he will see just what lengths he must go to in order to have any chance at survival.
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    They are life long friends. Their lives are routine, even boring. But that is about to change.
    Will, Jeffrey and Nolan have been friends since college. Their lives are normal, even boring. Until one shocking moment changes everything.
    One night, in a moment of madness, Jeffrey robs a convenience store and drags the only witness into Will's car. Before they know it, Will, Jeffrey and Nolan are holding a young girl hostage, with no idea what to do next. They have three days to decide her fate. Three days to choose between right and wrong, prison and freedom. Three days to manipulate each other into a unanimous decision.
    These ordinary men are already guilty of abduction and robbery. What else are they capable of?
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