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The 1980s Movie Quote Quiz

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How well do you know your eighties movies? Could you recognise a film from just one famous line? In this fantastically fun quiz, host Kent Harris will put your knowledge of the decade’s greatest films to the test, to get ready to start guessing!
The quiz features two different methods of questioning so you can choose whichever method suits you best. The first set of tracks feature Kent quoting you ten famous lines at a time, then revealing the ten movies they are from.
The second set of tracks for this audiobook feature the same questions, and in the same groups of ten, but this time revealing the answer a few seconds after giving you each quote. This is a great way to play as a group - you can even pause the track if you need more time to think.
If you want to hear ten questions at a time then start from the beginning, whereas for the tracks in which the answers follow each question one-by-one, you should listen to the introduction then skip to track 27. Whichever format you choose for this quiz, it’s sure to be a lot of fun!
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Kent Harris
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