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Gifted Child

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What causes a gifted child to be emotionally driven and highly empathetic? How come an intelligent person is typically self-motivated and self-disciplined to the extreme? The explanation lies in the fact that gifted people make a lot of connections in their brains. These connotations from interrelated facts and observations cause them to become both dramatic and extremely excited about occurrences in life, depending on what it is.

Dabrowski, a scientist and psychologist, called this quality “overexcitability.” It points to being intellectually curious and the chance of being overly sensitive. This has both positive and negative effects, but his way of dealing with this quality the best way, was something he called “positive disintegration.” In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover that topic in full.

We will also expand on the effect of classroom size in elementary schools, separating groups of gifted kids from others, and more details that relate to educating the highly intelligent effectively.

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