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If you need a little more space, then you can divide the left-hand page into three columns, using the same numbering format as above, but split the days between morning, afternoon, and night. You could even split the days into work, life, and family, whatever works best for you to organize your month
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If you were to tell another person your goal, would they understand it? Everyone wants to be rich, but a goal of getting rich is not specific. What does that even mean? To you? To others? If you want more money, then think about a specific goal. Perhaps you need to make an extra $300 per month
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If you are going to color code your information, then you may as well go ahead and color code your index too. Your index is not going to contain a lot of information, so searching through the index lists is not going to take you a lot of time, but adding a touch of color can really speed things up. Time is money, but time is also time, and the more we have for ourselves, the better our lives are. Adding a little color also creates an index which is much more fun to look at.
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