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Bullet Journaling

Organize Your Life with Bullet Journaling!

In this modern era, we are bombarded by demanding tasks and close deadlines. Our phone reminders can end up driving us insane with their blunt and high-pitched tones. Yes, I’ve been there and I know the struggle. 
There is, however, a new way, which allows you to bring order into all of this. It’s called “Bullet Journaling” and it’s becoming one of the most popular ways of keeping track of your tasks, goals, and appointments. With this method, you not only catch up with your life but also get the chance to improve yourself. The best part is that you’ll even end up enjoying the process. 
Bullet Journaling is a method based on creativity that allows you to organize your life in a way, which suits you best. 
Here are some of the main points you will find in this book:

— What is bullet journaling and what are the benefits of it?

— How can you create a bullet journal? (the right way)

— What items do you need for an amazing bullet journal?

— How to set up SMART goals.

— Habit trackers.

— Bullet journal artwork.

— Bullet journal hacks.

Although it may seem odd at first, this book has very few illustrations. This is done on purpose so you can exercise your creativity and imagination on a daily basis. With no visual stimuli, you will come up with unique ideas found nowhere else in the world. 
It might seem counterintuitive to learn something new when there is so much going on in your life. However, this method will help you put everything in place and make order out of chaos. This is your chance to take charge of your life and become happy and relaxed every day. 

There is no point in wasting any more time. Order now and begin your journey towards peace and happiness!
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    Use tape, stickers, or colors to mark the edge of your page so that you can find information quickly. You could mark each page of a daily with a red border and each page of a monthly with a yellow border. When you come to look for your pages, you can see where the information is held without even opening your book. Washi tape also works well for this too
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    If you are like me and cannot draw worth a dime, then lines are your friends (as are geometric shapes). You can add a little color by adding some horizontal lines. Underline a word or a phrase to add a dash of color and information to your page. Add some horizontal lines as a header. Add some vertical lines as a border. When you are filling out your task checkboxes or calendar goals, shade a box with diagonal lines instead of coloring or filling the box. Use horizontal and vertical lines to shade areas. Use both at the same time to add more depth to your shading. Play around by filling shapes with straight lines in all directions. Try wavy lines, dotted lines, and dashed lines
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    sing an index is a must in my opinion. Granted, you can use your bullet journal without one, but it is so much easier with one. If you are bored of the

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