Valentin Bojinov

Valentin Bojinov studied computer programming at Technological School of Electronic Systems, a college within the Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria. There, he got acquainted with programming and realized that his career would be in research and development. After college, he graduated from the Technical University of Sofia with a BSc in telecommunication and information engineering. It was then that his interest in data transmission grew and he ventured into B2B (business-to-business) communication. He is currently working on his MSc degree in software development. He is an expert in Java, SOAP, RESTful web services, and B2B integration.
A few years after Valentin started his career as a .NET developer, he realized that B2B and SOA were his passion. He then moved to SAP, where he contributed to the development of the web services stack of the SAP JEE platform. He currently works as a senior Java developer for the Bulgarian branch of Seeburger AG, a leader in the B2B and MFT solutions market. There, he develops and maintains several B2B communication adapters, including web services and SAP adapters.
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