Valentin Bojinov

RESTful Web API Design with Node.js

In this era of cloud computing, every data provisioning solution is built in a scalable and fail-safe way. Thus, when building RESTful services, the right choice of the underlying platform is vital. Node.js, with its asynchronous, event-driven architecture, is just the right choice to build RESTful APIs.
This book will be your step-by-step guide in the RESTful world of Node.js. It starts with the implementation of a simple HTTP handler application and follows its evolution to a completed RESTful service solution, which introduces you to the best practices in developing RESTful services.
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    Now that you know that REST is around 15 years old, a sensible question would be, "why has it become so popular just quite recently?" My answer to the question is that we as humans usually reject simple, straightforward approaches, and most of the time, we prefer spending more time on turning complex solutions into even more complex and sophisticated solutions.

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