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Theresa Francis-Cheung

Theresa Francis-Cheung is an accomplished writer who specialises in the areas of psychology, nutrition and women’s health. She regularly contributes features on health to women’s magazines such as Red, Prima and You and Your Wedding. Her books include Worry: The Root of All Evil and Self-esteem: The Lazy Person’s Guide! as well as a number of books on managing PCOS with co-author Colette Harris.


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Improving your self-esteem isn’t about becoming selfish, loud, competitive and arrogant. It’s about taking care of yourself so that you have the strength and energy to help and give to others when appropriate.
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the morning it’s another day in paradise
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If you have low-self esteem you aren’t being yourself, because you fear what others might think.


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  • Theresa Francis-Cheung
    Self-esteem: The Lazy Person’s Guide!
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