Ron Leshnower

Ron Leshnower is the Founder and President of Fair Housing Helper and runs the popular He is the author of Fair Housing Helper for Apartment Professionals (Hillocrian Creative), a Finalist in the "Business: Real Estate" Category of the 2014 International Book Awards and #1 bestselling Kindle eBook on discrimination, and Every Landlord's Property Protection Guide: 10 Ways to Cut Your Risk Now (Nolo), an #1 multi-category bestseller that can be found in law schools and libraries across the country.A nationally recognized expert, Ron has been invited to speak on fair housing and apartment topics in front of audiences of housing professionals across the country. He has appeared as an expert on CBS News and NBC News and has been quoted in The New York Times' "Real Estate Q&A" column, Advice,,, The Motley Fool,, The Associated Press' "Your Money" series, the New York Daily News, Black Enterprise,, the Real Estate Intelligence Report,, and the Landlord Law Report, among other publications.Since 2014, Ron has run "Ron's Rent Roundup," Nolo's landlord-tenant blog, offering a range of useful tips on legal subjects for both landlords and tenants. In 2008, The New York Times Company's About Group selected Ron as the Guide to Apartment Living / Rental. He has since written hundreds of articles and blog posts offering useful tips, explanations of key industry developments, and insightful commentary on a wide range of topics pertaining to rentals. Ron has also written about real estate for National Apartment Association's Units Magazine,,, as well as several trade newsletters, and he has contributed on apartment living topics as a guest blogger for His writing has also appeared in The New York Times and CEO Blog Nation.Ron earned a B.A. from Yale University and a J.D. from Boston University School of Law. He is admitted to practice law in New York and Massachusetts and is a member of the Authors Guild.


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