Patrick Bade

Patrick Bade is a British art historian, writer, and broadcaster. He has published on 19th— and early 20th-century paintings and historical vocal recordings.

Patrick Bade studied at University College London and the Courtauld and was a senior lecturer at Christies Education. for many years. He has lectured for the Art Fund, National Gallery, Victoria and Albert Museum, British Museum, the Royal Opera House, London Jewish Cultural Centre, and several universities.

His works include Femme Fatal: Images of Evil and Fascinating Women (1979) and studies of artists such as Degas, Klimt, Mucha, and Renoir. His book Music Wars: 1937–1945 (2012) dealt with the role of music in World War II.



Karelle Buendia Longoriaцитуєторік
Schiele responded that for him there exists no modernity, only the “eternal”.
Karelle Buendia Longoriaцитуєторік
Schiele”s art represents the erotic portrayal of the human body.
Karelle Buendia Longoriaцитуєторік
. His models characterize an incredible freedom with respect to their own sexuality, self-love, homosexuality or voyeuristic attitudes, as well as skillful seduction of the viewer.
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