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Patrick Bade

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    Schiele responded that for him there exists no modernity, only the “eternal”.
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    Schiele”s art represents the erotic portrayal of the human body.
  • Karelle Buendia Longoriaцитуєторік
    . His models characterize an incredible freedom with respect to their own sexuality, self-love, homosexuality or voyeuristic attitudes, as well as skillful seduction of the viewer.
  • Karelle Buendia Longoriaцитуєторік
    He knows that the urge to look is interconnected with the mechanisms of disgust and allure.
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    In 1897, Klimt together with his Viennese fellow artists founded the Vienna Secession, a splinter group separated from the officially accepted conduct for artists under the motto: “To the times its art, to the art its freedom”
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