John Karter

John Karter is a British journalist, psychotherapist, and psychology, life and relationships author. He is a presenter for Marlow FM radio voluntarily, and for many years worked as a film and TV extra.

Karter joined The Times in 1973, working initially as a sports sub-editor and then as section editor and writer. He left in 1986 to join The Independent, and in 1990 joined The Sunday Times as a columnist.

In 1998, he concentrated on writing books and developing his career as a psychotherapist.

John Karter has six non-fiction books published along with one novella, The Profit, in which the main character, an arrogant city high-flyer, uses reverse psychology to gain insight into today’s ‘me’ society.

He is a qualified psychotherapist with 20 years of experience in private practice and various mental health organizations, although no longer practicing.

John Karter has recently started writing plays and prose, which is why he has joined Actors & Writers London.

John Karter lives in London.

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Giving and receiving love/affection/intimacy
Curing loneliness
Having children
Sexual fulfilment
Complying with pressure from society/parents/media
Validation of self
Power and control
Personal growth
Anastasiia Kuznietsovaцитує5 місяців тому
Make a list of the needs you had when you entered into your current or most recent relationship. Try to be as honest as you can with yourself.
• How many of those needs have been met either in full or in part?
• How many of them have not been met at all?
• During the course of the relationship, have you recognized new needs and/or discarded some of the original ones?
• What do you think your partner’s needs were/are? Do you think he/she feels those needs have been met?
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Love is my religion

And I could die for that.

I could die for you.


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