Lauren Sams

Lauren Sams is an Australian author of She’s Having Her Baby (2015) and Crazy Busy Guilty (2017), who has worked in magazines for ten years. She wrote for Cosmopolitan, ELLE, Marie Claire, Sunday Style, and Daily Life.

Lauren Sams studied English, Philosophy, Gender Studies, and History at the University of Sydney. After graduation, she began her career in media.

Lauren Sams debuted the novel, She's Having a Baby, which is a humorous look at the ups and downs of friendship, infertility, and motherhood.

Two years later, she returns to the characters of She's Having Her Baby in her second Crazy, Busy, Guilty. It is a book about the inevitable guilt of leaving your kids at home, not being able to take care of them every minute, but still having to keep going because you know how good you are at work but failed as a mom at home.

Now Sams is a fashion editor at The Australian Financial Review. She writes about lifestyle, including the arts, entertainment, fashion, and travel.

Lauren Sams lives in Sydney with her husband, daughter, and two dogs. Elaine Benes is her spirit animal.




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They tell me that they love their job and they love their kids and they’re just not sure how to get these two things to co-exist. I tell them, essentially, that it’s OK: nobody does. It’s all a work in progress. The juggle is real for all of us.


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