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Lauren Sams

She's Having Her Baby

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'A book so damn good that once it's over, you miss taking it to bed at night…' Cosmopolitan

Georgie Henderson doesn’t want to have kids, but her best friend, Nina, has wanted to have a baby for as long as she can remember. Sadly, Nina’s uterus refuses to cooperate. One drunken evening, Nina asks Georgie for the ultimate favour: would she carry a baby for her? Georgie says yes and spends the next nine months wondering why.

With intense bacon-and-egg roll cravings and distant memories of what her feet look like, Georgie tries to keep it all together in her dream job as the editor of Jolie magazine. Her love life’s a mess — and sauvignon blanc’s off the menu — leaving Georgie to deal with twists in her life she never expected.

Sams has created the Australian Bridget Jones in this hilarious story, an emotive trajectory that pushes the boundaries of rom-com fiction.

What Reviewers and Readers Say:

'Honest and sassy…you'll remember the one liners and wish the main characters were your friends’ Kasey Edwards

'Portrays besties, pregnancy and motherhood better than any other book I've ever read,' Summer Land

‘Such an enjoyable read it ought to come with a free pool lounger and frozen margarita. Fans of Jojo Moyes, Lauren Weisberger and Zoë Foster Blake will adore Sams’ novel. Like chick-lit, only smarter, cooler and LOLzier,’ Meg Mason

Fresh, funny and heart-warming, Sams’ novel is a testament to true love and friendship. I couldn’t put it down!’ Dilvan Yassa

‘She's Having Her Baby is a fun, fast-paced, wonderfully clever and observant novel that should be required reading for the non-pregnant and the pregnant alike’ Sloane Crosley
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319 паперових сторінок
Дата публікації оригіналу
Рік виходу видання
Legend Press
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  • Cris Loділиться враженням5 років тому

    A must read for every Women ( also Men).
    Definitely, worth it. Glad this was my first book related to Pregnancy.

  • Inna Shafikovaділиться враженням2 роки тому

  • Margo Fernandezділиться враженням2 роки тому


  • Cris Loцитує5 років тому
    I briefly considered the wild hypocrisy involved in asking god to do anything for me after I had forsaken him my entire life
  • Cris Loцитує5 років тому
    friendship with Nina was like a warm, familiar jumper I could slip on even years later and it would still fit, like I’d worn it just yesterday.
  • Cris Loцитує5 років тому
    It was surreal to think that the bump in my belly held a little person who would be with me forever

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