John Simmons

John Simmons is a writer and co-founder of the writers’ organisation 26. John has written many books on creative writing for business (yes, it is possible). The most recent is Room 121, cowritten with Jamie Jauncey, another contributor to 26 Treasures. Before that were We, Me, Them & It, The Invisible Grail, Dark Angels and 26 Ways of Looking at a BlackBerry. The Dark Angels Writing courses – run with Stuart Delves and Jamie Jauncey – have become legendary.



Vasilisa Lapshovaцитуєторік
Starbucks is first and foremost about coffee. It needs to cherish and build its reputation for coffee expertise
Vasilisa Lapshovaцитуєторік
He was not afraid to take principled stands – for example, in favour of employee healthcare and gay marriage – that would make him and Starbucks deeply unpopular in many constituencies.
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. Every company must stand for something. (Starbucks stands for high-quality coffee that is dark-roasted.) That gives you differentiation and authenticity.
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