John Simmons

Innocent. The inside story of Innocent told from the outside

Innocent Drinks is a business phenomenon of the last decade. Founded in 1998 by three college friends, Innocent has grown at an amazing rate to become the UK’s fastest growing food and drink business in 2005. Even more impressive has been the growth of its brand legend. Innocent is one of those brands that everyone in the marketing world refers to with awe, affection and sometimes envy.
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    They had a brand, and a way of communicating with consumers, that brought smiles to people’s faces. They caught the mood of the times. They were the little guys winning against the big guys. And they were innocent.
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    Certainly we reserve judgement on most brands, never wholeheartedly believing that they will always tell the truth. Brands have become a bit like politicians; the only sensible attitude is to mistrust them. The more brands “spin” the less inclined we are to believe them. You might regard this book as an example of brand spin. It includes more than a few small lies. But I lied about the lies.
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    ics and standards? The times are out of joint. We have become so used to not believing anything that we believe only what we are told not to believe at all.
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