Soseki Natsume,Inger Brodey

My Individualism and the Philosophical Foundations of Literature

Published here for the first time in English, My Individualism and The Philosophical Foundations of Literature are essays which explore issues close to famed Japanese novelist Soseki Natsume's heart: the philosophical and cultural significance of isolation, belonging and identity associated with rapid technological, industrial and cultural change. Set against the background of the Meiji era, in which Soseki believed modern man was dislocated from Japan's past as well as its future, he defines the role of art and the artist in light of the loneliness and individualism of the modern world.True to his self-conscious style, each essay includes individual biographical anecdotes, inviting their allegorical reading as stories about the fate of Japan. In My Individualism, Soseki gives a rare account of his stay in London from the perspective of twelve years after his return, allowing us to see the profound shift in his thinking about literature that occurred during this time. In The Philosophical Foundations of Literature, we find one of Soseki's principal attempts to provide a cross-cultural framework for the interpretation of literature. Together, the essays reveal Soseki's attempts to create a theory of literature that is characteristically Japanese.
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    I permit myself to say this because, when you reach your final destination, you will finally discover a place of which you can say, “I can truly rest peacefully here!”; you will have peace of mind and you will gain confidence in yourself for your whole life.
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    Of course, the mere fact of going forward does not mean that you have taken the right direction.
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    It is not a question of working only for the good of the country or of your family; it is something that is absolutely essential for happiness.

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