Winn Trivette II

21 Keys for General IELTS Success

Use 21 Keys for General IELTS Success as part of your disciplined study plan to maximize your score on the exam!

Trust the experience and expertise of an IELTS teacher with the same advice for his own students.

Learn essential information drawn from practical experience to defeat the General IELTS exam and maximize your result.

This preparation guide delivers key points to consider in each of the four sections of the exam plus grammar and vocabulary.

Plus, you get extra links to resources to maximize your learning.

Your time is valuable so the guide is written to give you quick and easy tips to attain your optimal score on exam.

Use the most comprehensive, accessible, and effective General IELTS guide available today.

When you complete this book, you will have a solid foundation for maximizing your IELTS Band score.
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    your commitment to work

    ...’ya bağlılığın (örn. çalışmak)

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    Key #8: Follow this basic approach to listening questions.
    Quickly read the questions in the time given before the recording begins.
    Underline the keywords.
    Stay focused during the audio.
    Listen for the keywords or synonyms of these words throughout the audio.
    Be aware which answer is a number, place, name, date, etc.
    Try to anticipate the vocabulary you will hear.
    Remember – the answers follow the questions in order.
    Be sure to write legibly and accurately – only the requested amount of words or number.
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    your native language
    your current level of English fluency
    your educational achievement
    your commitment to work with a native instructor

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