Becky Lee Weyrich

The Scarlet Thread

Two long-lost sisters lose their hearts to the same man in 19th-century New Orleans in a novel of the twists and turns of fate from “a master storyteller” (Romantic Times).
In the city of New Orleans, Desirée La Fleur, a dark-haired Creole beauty, arrives with the purpose to help the “Sisters of Sin,” the fallen women whose lives begin and end on a street in the red-light district known as the Scarlet Thread.
But deep inside Desirée, hiding just beneath the veil of purity, is a forbidden desire for a man who doesn’t want a wife. Armed with unwavering determination and proud innocence, Desirée will soon find herself in a world as enticing at it is dangerous—one that will reunite her with the sister she thought she’d never see again . . .
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