Why Is Communication So Difficult, Particularly Between Lovers

In the OSHO Singles series of selected talks, Osho addresses major questions and issues of our daily life. With depth and his usual humor we get a chance to look at an issue from a new perspective. Communication between lovers is an issue almost everybody has to deal with and Osho gives a very unique insight to this question:“Communication as such is difficult. Of course it is more difficult between lovers. But first you have to understand the general difficulty of communication. Each mind has been conditioned by different parents, different teachers, different priests, and different politicians…and when two minds try to communicate, as far as the ordinary mundane things are concerned, there is no difficulty. But the moment they start moving beyond things into the world of concepts, communication starts becoming more and more difficult.”
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    Stephanie Peteцитуєторік
    The consciousness that goes beyond mind is no longer male, no longer female.
    Stephanie Peteцитуєторік
    the feminine mind functions differently, and the masculine mind functions differently.
    Stephanie Peteцитуєторік
    each single word you have different opinions, prejudices, conditions. The words are the same, but the moment you say them, and the other hears them, he is not hearing the same meaning, he is hearing a different meaning.

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