Nicky Westen

Be A Human Lie Detector : Detect Covert Communications of Persuaders, Seducers and Other Manipulators!

Detect High-Level, Covert Communications of Persuaders, Seducers and Other Manipulators!
This book will go over the many ways people lie and what the investigator or questioner need to understand in order to better be able to obtain information in this very different world of the 21st century.
This book also covers deceptions in the context of   romantic relationships. To help you determine if your partner is cheating, lying application of  deception technologies for purposes of seduction — hiding their interest/attraction towards you, that they are deliberately trying to game or seduce you etc. Its hard enough to detect signs of attraction— but when he/she actually tries to conceal it? Or she denies it when confronted? This book will help you solve that predicament.

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    liar may be more likely to look you straight in the eye while giving a false information to you.

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