Lani Kingston

How to Make Coffee

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How to Make Coffee explores the scientific principles behind the art of coffee making, along with step-by-step instructions of all the major methods, and which beans, roast, and grind are best for them.
This book also covers topics such as:The history of the beanChemical compositionCaffeine and decafMilkRoasting and grindingMachines and gadgets. . . and many moreCaffeine is the most widely consumed mind-altering molecule in the world; we cannot get enough of it. How is it that coffee has such a hold? Its all in the chemistry; the molecular structure of caffeine and the flavour-making phenols and fats that can be lured out from the bean by roasting, grinding and brewing.
Making good coffee depends on understanding the science: why water has to be at a certain temperature, how roast affects taste, and what happens when you add cream. This book lays out the scientificprinciples for the coffee-loving non-scientist; stick to these and you will never drink an ordinary cup of joe again.
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    Unlikely, but certainly it is the chemistry of coffee that makes it so compatible with the human body and brain, making it the world’s favourite drink. The molecular structure of caffeine, the active ingredient, is very similar to a compound in the human body that controls part of the nervous system. This compound, adenosine, turns down nerve activity, while caffeine blocks adenosine from connecting with its receptors and as such can effectively re-energize.
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    Antoine de Jussieu in 1713,

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