Jack Ketchum,F.G.Cottam,Mikhail Lerma,C Derick Miller,Jason White,Albert Kivak,Alex Laybourne,Elizabeth Wixley,Fiona Dodwell,Iain Rob Wright,Melissa R Mendelson,Michael Schutz,Robert Dunbar,Tim Miller

Beast:Revelations – A Dark Ethology Vol 2

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Media Bitch Literary Agency has gathered together Masters of the Macabre from across the world to bring you the world demise when man is no longer the top of the food chain. Including original works from Robert Dunbar, Melissa R Mendelson, Fiona Dodwell, Jason White, Michael Schutz, Iain Rob Wright, Tim Miller, Elizabeth Wixley, Mikhail Lerma, Albert Kivak, C Derick Miller, F G Cottam, Alex Laybourne and Jack Ketchum. The dark fiction world has unleashed the Beast in this second volume shorts and novellas to terrify, excite and psychologically horrify the reader with tales of a new world coming to the fore. Each tale explores retribution of nature as it takes the world down a dark avenues of the future. Nature started to take a hold in Beast: Genesis Vol 1 but now, the world belongs to Beasts. Experience a new world, where man no longer rules. A new world is coming.
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