David Brown

The Art and Science of Dealing with Difficult People

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The tricks that experts and top professionals use to overcome difficult people.
Get results fast with this quick, easy guide to the fundamentals of Dealing with Difficult PeopleIncludes how to:• Understand the different types of troublemakers• Stay calm and firm when other people can’t• Deal with difficult bosses, direct reports, and colleagues• Create win-win scenarios• Develop productive relationships with people you don’t like
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    • Understand what makes us tick. If you are to manage difficult behaviour successfully, you need to understand behaviour! Consider what shapes our behaviour, what behaviours you can realistically expect to change – and what you can’t.
    • Look in the mirror. You may be the problem. This chapter helps you to understand yourself and to consider how you appear to others.
    • Step into their shoes. If you are to help people see the need for change, you need to understand those people and discover why they are different to you. In this chapter you will be offered tips on how to create trust and rapport before attempting change.
    • Give difficult people a chance. There is a need for you to display leadership, even though sometimes you may not be the line manager. We will look at clear outcomes, role clarity, reinforcing appropriate behaviour and helpful communication.
    • Use the right tool for the situation. There are many tools
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    Values. You may value punctuality but have a colleague who considers that any time will do. Many organizations promote key values to engender harmony, but an individualist may struggle to accept them
    define the problem and then form a clear view of what a good solution, or

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