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Cassandra Parkin

The Slaughter Man

‘Haunting and beautifully written’ Emma Burstall
When her identical twin Laurel dies, seventeen-year-old Willow’s life falls apart. With her parents’ marriage faltering, she finds escape at her uncle Joe’s cottage. But even as they begin to know each other, Willow is plagued with memories of her sister. Then, Lucas arrives in her life — troubled, angry and with a dangerous past.
Joe’s cottage is idyllic, but the forest is filled with secrets. What is Joe hiding from her? What events have brought Lucas to her door? And who is the Slaughter Man who steals through Willow’s sleep?
As the lines between dreams and reality become blurred, Willow’s torment deepens. It seems as if her only escape lies with the Slaughter Man.

What Reviewers and Readers Say:
A dark, eloquently creepy tale. Parkin's prose quivers with visceral terror’ Carol Lovekin, Author of Snow Sisters & Ghostbird
‘Haunting, complex and beautifully written. A really compelling read' Emma Burstall, the top 10 bestselling author of the Tremarnock Series
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Legend Press
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