Jimmy Cooper

Blockchain Blueprint

Blockchain is the future of our world. This revolutionary concept has been developed alongside bitcoin, but as you will learn in this book, the two have almost nothing else to do with each other. At one time, the idea of self-driving cars, fridges that could order and purchase food, and a thorough and efficient health care system were only dreams. But as a result of blockchain, however, it is now much closer than people realize to being our reality.

In this book, you are going to learn all of the basics that you truly need to know about this revolution. You will learn about:

•   The History of Blockchain
•   What Blockchain Actually is
•   How You can Profit Massively From it
•   How to Get the Most Out of Blockchain
•   Myths and Potential Risks
•   The Blockchain Revolution
•   And much more…

This book is the only guide you need to become knowledgeable in the topic of blockchain. If you're ready to see what the future has in store for us, then dare to take a look inside this book and learn about just where this world is really heading.

Other topics that are briefly mentioned in this book include Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Investing in Ethereum, FinTech, the Hidden Economy, Internet Money, Smart Contracts, Miners, and some Hacking.

“A Topic that Young Adults and Millennials Must Learn About to Prepare for the Future”

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