Robin Sacredfire

Novus Bellatores Moralis: A Manifesto for the New Knights Templar

After the first and original order of Knights Templar, many others have emerged claiming to be followers of the same legacy. But few know that the Knights Templar were following beliefs that have existed for thousand of years, and never claiming to be unique in their path. Likewise, the disappearance of this order, didn’t meant a disappearance of the same beliefs.

Although some fractions of the Templars merged with new political or military orders, others vanished into secrecy and secret practices, either more religious or simply spiritual in nature.

Today, as people face more challenges emerging in many directions, and including more fears from a spiritual nature, new Templar Orders seem to appear out of nowhere, claiming lineages and similarities to the original order. In this sense, it has become virtually impossible to distinguish them, to give them the right to the titles they own or even to discredit them. They all follow a certain purpose within a wider plan, either they represent or not, more or less, the ancient order of the Knights Templar.

Along this line, this isn’t a manifesto written for such orders, but for the common individual that seeks for the light beyond the forms and shapes it manifests, beyond titles and agreements, or even legacies and historical texts. This is a manifesto for the new soldiers of the light, the warriors that find themselves within a path that often shows itself in contradiction with so many things they witness in religion, books and the people around them. And so, this is a book about the path of the light, one that is in accordance to what the Knights Templar believed.

Although it’s not intended here to describe in detail who the Templars were or what they believed according to historical texts, it is certainly the purpose to shine light on their ways and how they can help one in living in this world according to the same principles. But also, it is intended here to explain why such principles are valid today as they were before, and why they will always be. Here, you will find a complete explanation to why being a Templar Knight is a state of being and not necessarily an affiliation to an order. As a matter of fact, any order that discredits this manifesto reveals itself fake, and as much as one that identities it as useful has found its meaning in a wider truth.
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