Peter Economy,Charles Hannabarger,Frederick Buchman

Balanced Scorecard Strategy For Dummies

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A practical, easy-to-understand guide to Balanced Scorecard for busy business leaders The Balanced Scorecard method is an analysis technique designed to translate an organization's mission and vision statement and overall business strategies into specific, quantifiable goals, and to monitor the organization's performance in achieving these goals. Much less technology driven then other analysis approaches, it analyzes an organization's overall performance in four regards: financial analysis, customer service, productivity and internal analysis, and employee growth and satisfaction. Balanced Scorecard Strategy For Dummies breaks down the basics of Balanced Scorecard in simple language with practical, Dummies-style guidance on getting it done. This book covers all the basics of Balanced Scorecard for busy executives and managers-and does it without the high price tag of most professional level Balanced Scorecard guides.
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    managers are more concerned with doing things right, while leaders are more concerned with doing the right things.
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    Do you plan to invest and grow your business? If so, in what products/services and in what markets?
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    What are your financial strategies?

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